Friday, June 25, 2010

Can I do it? Can I be serious? Here goes nothing!

My darling husband has a new itch. By itch I mean a new obsession. With his ADHD like tendencies...he also always has new obsessions. In the seven years we have been together, I have rarely (if ever) shown interest in his obsessions... because ultimately I knew that it would be a waste of money (my opinion, I know), take my hubby away from the family more than he is already obligated to be...and that he would use the Internet to fully commit to the obsession. I like to refer to this as in you can fill in the blank with any of his obsessions. There was FISH porn the multiple times he had saltwater aquariums. He engulfed himself in everything fish on the Internet...sometimes finding do it yourself projects like re-caulking a defective fish tank, etc. (P.S. I am fairly certain that the 55 gallon fish tank is in our storage unit. Will sell to highest bidder!!!)

There was DOG porn when he was researching what kind of hunting dog to get. Once we got our lovely, high heel loving, dog...there was DOG TRAINING porn. Oh, don't forget about GUITAR porn which involved searching guitar tabs incessantly. There has been many other types of porn in our household. PING PONG porn, FALCONRY porn, WEIGHT LIFTING porn, ARCHERY HUNTING porn, TURKEY CALLS porn, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum! (I must say that none of the porn was ACTUALLY porn. But because these obsessive google searches of these topics took time away from my husband and I, and sometimes caused marital strife, I referred...and still do to them as porn). I must say though I am fortunate that PORN porn hasn't been an issue I deal with.

I am sure that my supportiveness of all of these obsessions isn't quite jumping off your page. But hey, that is me. I look before I leap.. and share many other character traits with the character Joanne from RENT. I love my husband dearly...but he is the first to admit that he can become obsessed quickly. He never really learned the art of waiting to get something or the difference between wants and I have tried (desperately) to be the Jiminy Cricket in his life. Though as you can imagine Jiminy Cricket often sounds like a nagging wife to him. C'est la vie!!!

Today though...his new obsession struck a chord with me. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I am about to have my 20-11th birthday (yes folks...that is 20+11....fine I will say it 31). I don't think the age is what bothers is more about where my life is. I LOVE my children and husband...but there is little else in my life that I love. We live in a mobile home, my husband works overnights, our house is always messy, and I am STILL in school. Sure I am getting my doctorate in a field I am more than passionate about, but i am disappointed in myself to have not figured out my career path earlier in life. (Of course, had I taken a different path Jose Cuervo may have not introduced me to my gorgeous husband that wonderful night seven years ago...and I guarantee I wouldn't have made such beautiful children with anyone else).

Okay, okay. My husbands newest obsession is doing a Triathalon. Specifically a triathalon in about 10 weeks in a nearby small town. He of course wants me to do it...but he wanted me to take part in all his obsessions. What is so different about this that I not only considered it...but actually went out and purchased a mountain bike within hours of considering it. WTF? I even rode this new bike home...and lets just say I have plenty of work to do until 14.2 miles is something I could survive. Not to mention the .25 mile swim and 3.1 mile run. Hmm, did I mention that I use to be an athlete. Then again I use to be a Mathalete but you don't see me trying to figure out derivatives,do you?

Oh goes nothing!

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